Lightings Relationship


Let light enhance your emotions


Let lightings fuel your passion in the things you do


Lights give you a different perspective when you manage time


A great start to your day just with lightings


A great lighting decision would save you money

Building Solutions Around Your Needs

The future of lightings simply would not just illuminate any more. Instead they will have on-board capabilities such as increased intelligence, sensors, build-in wireless connectivity and colour tuning. We are here to work with you to create the best lighting systems.

Product Inspiration

Be inspired. From retail to workplace and high profile spaces, get inspired by Luminance Systems applications of a variety of our products and systems in use.

Why Our Luminaires?

Delivering you our product's finest features.

  • Emotional Visuals

    We create exciting ambiance with our luminaires, enhancing emotions and decision making.

  • Efficient

    We innovate to bring you the best efficiency in its class by using premium light sources and optics.

  • Quality

    You get a robust and dependable product with our engineering expertise.

  • Support

    Providing you a great support to deliver your needed lighting applications in variable industries.

Brilliance In Lighting

Lighting isn't just a concept, but a craft that we have honed to bring you the best illumination we can.
Premium Light Sources

Great Colour Rendering
Efficiency Focus
Wide Colour Temperatures

Innovative Drivers

Robust Components
Wide Engineering Options

Designed Enclosures

Quality Designed Enclosures
Aesthetic & Finishes Focus
Heat Management Control

Connected Lighting Systems

Beyond Illumination
Future of Light
Optimised Management


Minimize Risk of Investment
Tailor-made Package
Turnkey Solution

Standard Compliance

Quality Designs
Certified Components
International Quality


Making food looks even more fresh and crisp!

Pleasure and business is now possible in the Preferred Club .

The customization and light quality enables us to attract more attention than our competitors.