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Why SCHÖNE Luminaires?

Why choose SCHÖNE LED lightings


Good Cut Off Angle To Eliminate Glare 

Glare is when a light source affects our ability to see clearly. Discomfort glare occurs naturally when a light source is too strong for our eyes and it might cause us to shade our eyes. Nevertheless it can also become noticeable after a period of time. This effect may be annoying, induce discomfort, or affect performance.

As a result, glare control is one of the important aspects to consider when buying quality lighting either for homes or commercial buildings usage. Our SCHÖNE luminaires reflectors are designed to balance good lamp cut off while maximizing lumen output creating high fixture efficiency.

Aesthetics Focused Design

Great design is more than just good aesthetics. It is a reflection of the engineer’s knowledge of the products demand and the science behind it that makes it work. SCHÖNE luminaires are designs with a passion in mind to create a longer lasting luminaire without compromising affordability.

Better Visuals

    Lighting can play a huge part in creating atmosphere. Lighting professionals can create desired atmosphere using varying colours and intensities of light to give an astonishing visual impact. SCHÖNE luminaires have wide range of Correlated Colour Temperature, CCT choices ranging from 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K as well as large choice of drivers available, including DALI dimming which would be able to offer the user a comprehensive dimming and system control of luminaires within the connected network.

    Quality Components

    We use only high quality components in production we are continually seeking to develop and improve on the manufacturing processes.

    • Light Source
      - LEDs with proven rated life B50L70
      - LEDs with Safety Certification, e.g. IEC 62031, EN 62471
      - LEDs with high Colour Rendering Index CRI 80, CRI 90 and above
      • Power Supplies

        - SIRIM approved drivers

        Efficiency A++ Rating

        Not all LED lighting created is the same. Many of the LED lightings currently on the market are not true replacements for conventional lightings as the white light they emit is of relatively poor quality and in low efficiency.

        Lumens per watt (lm/W) refers to the energy efficiency of lighting, the higher the better. SCHÖNE luminaires with average 100lm/W is considerably better than today's standards. 


          SCHÖNE luminaires providing you a great support to deliver your needed lighting applications in various industries.

            Home Lighting Made Easy

            Home Lighting Made Easy

            Back to Basics - 4 Types of Lightings for your Home

            Sometime choosing lamps for our home seems to be a hassle. However, with this simple guide you can find simple steps to guide you through choosing types of lamps for your home.

            Type 1 - General Lights

            General Lightings are lightings which is used to illuminate spaces with its wide beam angles. Its wide beam would give a blanket and uniform light. This is generally used in spaces which requires bright ambient atmosphere in an high activity environment.

            Common Applications

            • High activity spaces like living room and kitchen
            • General spaces which required productivity and details 

            Type 2 - Accent Lightings

            Accent Lightings are used to bring focus on specific features such as walls, pictures or even to create a contrasting atmosphere. Accent lightings are normally focused with a slightly narrow beam angles to accentuate a particular item.

            Common Applications

            • Used to illuminate feature walls, paintings and focus items
            • To create a contrasting effect within the environment

            Type 3 - Task Lightings

            Task Lightings are lightings used for a specific purpose. Generally, tasks lightings are normally bright in nature and allows the person to focus and perform the necessary tasks with ease.

            Common Applications

            • Activities which required focus lamps. Ex. Desk Lamp or Bedside Lamp
            • Create a sufficient brightness for a specific activity

            Type 4 - Mood Lightings

            Mood Lightings are lightings which are used to create a sense of cozy ambient atmosphere. Generally, these lamps are warm in colour or have specific colours to relax the mind. Lamps of these kind normally produces indirect lights which has a visually calm effect.

            Common Applications

            • Soft and low ambient brightness in low activity locations such as bedrooms and patios
            • Areas to create a soothing atmosphere

            Summary - Action!

            1. Think of Location at Home.
            2. Think of Atmosphere and Activity
            3. Choose type of Lamps

            Infographic Guide


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            How Quality LED Lights can enhance the natural colours of your home

            How Quality LED Lights can enhance the natural colours of your home

            A good selection of Quality LED Light is proven to bring our the best colours and atmosphere for your home. Not only it could enhance the natural colours of the home, a quality LED Light would provide you with a longer durability and efficient light meaning you change them less often. Hence, a Quality  LED light generally defines itself into two measurements:

            • Colour Rendering Index (CRI)
            • Efficiency - Lumens (lm) & Wattage (W)


            Colour Rendering Index

            One of the quality of light measurement used now is Colour Rendering Index. It has a scale of 1-100 and most LEDs have CRI80 while better quality of light is CRI90. Natural outdoor light has a CRI of 100 and is used as the standard of comparison for any other light source.

            Source: Philips USA

            The CRI of Philips LED lighting products is always higher than 80, close to the sun’s value. Colors are reflected truly and naturally. The illustrations above show how CRI can affect the appearance of color.


            Efficiency - Lumens (lm) & Wattage (w)

            Lumens are the amount of light generated out from a particular light source while its wattage is the energy use of a light source. As a simple summary, a better efficient LED light produces more light with less wattage. Means better savings!


            Source: CNET

            For an example: A Philips BrightComfort LED 10.5W Bulb generates 1000 Lumens which is an equivalent to an Incandescent Bulb 75W (or 7 times more energy!)  to produce the same lumen output.