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Home Lighting Made Easy

Home Lighting Made Easy

Back to Basics - 4 Types of Lightings for your Home

Sometime choosing lamps for our home seems to be a hassle. However, with this simple guide you can find simple steps to guide you through choosing types of lamps for your home.

Type 1 - General Lights

General Lightings are lightings which is used to illuminate spaces with its wide beam angles. Its wide beam would give a blanket and uniform light. This is generally used in spaces which requires bright ambient atmosphere in an high activity environment.

Common Applications

  • High activity spaces like living room and kitchen
  • General spaces which required productivity and details 

Type 2 - Accent Lightings

Accent Lightings are used to bring focus on specific features such as walls, pictures or even to create a contrasting atmosphere. Accent lightings are normally focused with a slightly narrow beam angles to accentuate a particular item.

Common Applications

  • Used to illuminate feature walls, paintings and focus items
  • To create a contrasting effect within the environment

Type 3 - Task Lightings

Task Lightings are lightings used for a specific purpose. Generally, tasks lightings are normally bright in nature and allows the person to focus and perform the necessary tasks with ease.

Common Applications

  • Activities which required focus lamps. Ex. Desk Lamp or Bedside Lamp
  • Create a sufficient brightness for a specific activity

Type 4 - Mood Lightings

Mood Lightings are lightings which are used to create a sense of cozy ambient atmosphere. Generally, these lamps are warm in colour or have specific colours to relax the mind. Lamps of these kind normally produces indirect lights which has a visually calm effect.

Common Applications

  • Soft and low ambient brightness in low activity locations such as bedrooms and patios
  • Areas to create a soothing atmosphere

Summary - Action!

  1. Think of Location at Home.
  2. Think of Atmosphere and Activity
  3. Choose type of Lamps

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