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About Us

Luminance Systems was formed as a systems designer of application-specific lighting systems. Besides offering quality lighting solutions through our innovative technologies, we keep our customers a piece-of-mind by having a superior service and support at any point of the process.

Application-Specific Lighting Systems

Luminance Systems provides an innovative and comprehensive range of professional lighting and control systems for commercial, industrial, architectural and niche applications.

Our experience in energy efficient lighting solutions stems from many years of industry renowned research and development, working hand in hand with various corporate sectors and institutions to develop efficient lighting solutions.

Our customer-centric philosophy is to work closely with our business partners and end users to listening to their needs and understanding their markets closely.

luminance systems LED lighting applications include street lighting and roadway, warehouse, offices, factories, billboards, parking, canopy and architectural

Quality Luminaire Designs

As a strong commitment to develop superior lighting solutions, Luminance Systems invest extra attention into technologies that improve lighting quality, increases lighting economics and ability to enhance the overall environment through reduced energy consumption.

Hence, within our family of products, you will find unique and individualistic qualities in each product to meet a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

This commitment permeates everything we do, driving us to continuously develop and improve our products and the processes to fulfill your need for quality lighting solutions.

Wide variety of energy saving indoor and outdoor LED lighting systems choices which made with quality components, innovative technology and value designs

Superior Service and Support

A good product does not stand alone. Here, in Luminance Systems, we strive to provide superior service and solutions to our customers whether it is before or after a sale.

Our personnel are dedicated to apply their lighting expertise and experience to assure your applications are met with satisfiable results.

From product selection and delivery though installation and maintenance, we are committed to provide the needed support and expertise to make your purchases a guided and fulfilling experience.

Our innovative team provides value engineering in LED lighting design, strong technical support, guided installation together with good after sales customer service and worry free maintenance