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Better Presentation and Less Waste

Better Presentation

And Less Waste

Presentation is The Key to Success

For those working in the food retail department, a lot is depended on how your food is presented. In the mind of the consumer, you’ll only want what’s best. Chances are a lot of quality good ingredients that go to waste because of poor lighting. 

If you’re still not fully convinced, here are a few reasons why you should invest in proper LED lighting for your food stores.  

Create an Exquisite Presentation

As we all know, we feast not only with our taste buds but also with our eyes. Also, our memories tend to remember the colour of fresh produce more saturated than they really are. Having proper LED accent lighting can help enhance these colours, making sure your produce is getting the attention they deserve. 

Preserve its Quality

Did you know that meat can discolour the longer it is exposed to bright light? Invest in proper lighting recipes so that your fresh produce and meat etc can keep its quality for an even longer time; giving you lesser waste too! Check out our SCHÖNE collection to find the perfect recipe for you. 

Produce a Memorable Experience 

The reason why your store should create a memorable experience is not only to attract new, unique customers but also to create recurring customers. As human beings, we will always return to a place where it has given us fun and exciting moments and with the proper lighting, you can create that same experience for even your perishable products; without compromising on freshness.  

Save the Planet

Many times stores have struggled with an ongoing issue–waste. Due to the lack of purchases, many fresh produce and baked goods had to be thrown out. Many solutions did not help either as consumers usually have a negative opinion of leftovers. When you invest in good and proper lighting, you will be able to reduce your cost as you will have lesser waste as well. 

Given these points, proper LED accent lighting could great impact your food business. If you’d like us to point you in a direction, you may check out our SCHÖNE collection here or our GROOVE collection here. 

Customisable Galore!

Certain specifications not up to your desire? Our products can be adjusted upon request. Let your creativity juices flow endlessly with us. 

Email us or fill out our online contact form, we will contact you to discuss further.