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TRIDONIC connecDIM lighting management solution provides an excellent platform for smart, cost effective and user-friendly control and lighting management from a few simple DALI devices up to a complex lighting system in a building.

Whether it is an existing or new DALI infrastructure, your lighting installation can easily be connected via the TRIDONIC connecDIM gateway to the connecDIM cloud. It uploads all lighting data to a central cloud service. Access can be enabled anywhere and anytime remotely through internet.

The heart of this distributed lighting management solution is the TRIDONIC connecDIM gateway. This piece of hardware makes it possible to collect the data from the DALI devices and translate the information via TCP/IP to the cloud. Information and energy monitoring can be easily reported. It enables also the wireless commissioning via tablet or smartphone. To setup and configure a DALI installation is now easier and faster.

Tridonic connecDIM simple installation

Benefits of connecDIM

Benefits of connecDIM


Wireless start-up and control
By means of apps (iOS or Android devices).
  • Cabled start-up via tablet or smartphone
  • Optimised DALI address search function
  • Control of up to four DALI lines with one gateway
  • Switching and dimming
  • Colour control
  • New lighting control via QR code
Modern management and reporting function

By means of Cloud-based services, round the clock, 7 days a week.

  • No need for complex and expensive LMS servers in the building thanks to Cloud service
  • Central user management
  • Central management of several buildings
  • connecDIM firmware updates via the Cloud
  • Cloud data enables energy usage and potential energy savings to be evaluated for individual areas
  • API interface for connection to third-party systems
Automated emergency lighting tests and test report

In accordance with local standards.

  • Integration of Tridonic DALI emergency lighting units in connecDIM
  • Automation of prescribed function and service life tests
  • Storage of the test results in the connecDIM Cloud
  • Printout of the test results on demand
  • Unlimited number of emergency lighting units
  • Central cloud service enables maintenance planning to be optimised
Backwards compatible

Continued use of existing DALI infrastructures.

  • Fluorescent lamp installations with T8 or T5
  • Low-voltage halogen transformers
  • LED technologies
For large lighting installations

With applications across several rooms/areas.

  • Unlimited number of gateways
  • Use of the DALI lighting control standard
  • Use of the TCP/IP industry standard


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