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DALI Standard IEC 62386

The agreement by the lighting industry to adopt a common protocol for digital addressable control of luminaires has opened up a virtually unlimited number of options for regulating artificial lighting in all applications. This common protocol is the DALI protocol (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), which has now been internationally standardised through the IEC. 

With the right choice of individual DALI components an extremely wide range of requirements can be met, from operating the lighting system from a simple light switch to lighting management systems for entire office complexes with thousands of light sources. The new standardisation means that there are no longer any restrictions on the application of this technology. Any light source, including incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, high-intensity discharge lamps and even LEDs, can be controlled irrespective of whether they are installed in an office, a restaurant or a street light.

The DALI system is based on simplicity of operation. However the demands on electrical system designers and electricians have increased enormously. The purpose of this technical manual is to describe how the DALI system components offered by Tridonic operate and illustrate their functionality by looking at how they can be used in actual practice.

DALI stands for “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface” and is an interface protocol for digital communication between electronic lighting equipment (electronic ballasts, transformers, etc.). The DALI standard was developed by Tridonic together with renowned manufacturers of operating and control equipment. Today, these manufacturers belong to the DALI Activity Group which promotes the use of DALI and safeguards its further development.

The DALI standard was defined in EN 60929 Annex E until 2009 but is now defined in IEC 62386. This standard also describes the differences between the various types of device. As a result, long-term compatibility among manufacturers is guaranteed and the DALI standard is ensured a secure future. In addition, compatibility between products from different manufacturers is supported by a test procedure standardised by the DALI Activity Group. All products that carry the logo of the DALI Activity Group have successfully passed this standardised test. Tridonic products meet these requirements in full.