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Great Colours come with

Quality Lighting

Lighting Affects Colour

Did you know lighting can also affect the quality of your colours in your merchandise? Fashion retailers as well as food retailers usually rely heavily on the colours of the products to attract and encourage buyers. 

Here are a few reasons on why you should invest in good, quality lighting.

Bold Colours Attract 

We are all attracted to high contrasting environments. Another tip to lure potential customers in would be to produce bold colours with your lights. Also consider the psychology of colours–red and orange are usually considered arousing whereas blue and green are usually more calm. To achieve this stark contrast, you will need good LED lightings that can produce sharp and high quality colours.

Using LED’s to Colour Correct

Many people do not realise that the type of lightings you get, can affect how you see the colours of merchandise in a store. Specifically in shopping malls, your consumers will not be able to bring your products outside to see what it will look like in natural sunlight. With the right light, the colours of your products can automatically be enhanced giving your consumers lesser doubt and encouraging sales.

See Details Clearly

It’s no surprise that without good lighting you can hardly see details and certain flaws. Paired with a good lighting system, reduce doubt in your consumers by controlling the perception that comes with the colours of your products. Choose LED lights with high colour rendering index to enhance the colours of your products or have them see colour that is close to natural sunlight as possible. 

Without noticing, colours have a great influence on our purchasing power as well as perception on quality. Utilise proper lighting to either enhance colour or allow product details to be seen clearly. If you’d like to browse our collection of lighting solutions, you can browse our SCHONE collection here.

Customisable Galore!

Certain specifications not up to your desire? Our products can be adjusted upon request. Let your creativity juices flow endlessly with us. 

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