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Create a memory


Enhance guest experience and save costs

The hospitality and F&B industry relies on lighting a little more than other industries as consumers are known to be a lot more judgemental and picky. This is due to the psychological impact that they will be ingesting produce, hence wanting only the highest of qualities. Here’s how proper lighting design can help your business:

Reduce Costs

Increase the lifespan of fresh produce and produce less waste

Lower energy consumption with cost-effective LED lighting

Save on replacement costs with the longer lifetime of LED lighting

Improve Operations 

Reduce mistakes when there is proper clarity from illumination

Optimize spaces with a flexibile LED lighting system that can be adjusted easily

Maintain efficient lighting, quickly and easily

Improve Experience 

Be able to bring the customer on a journey through the outlet

Be able to set the mood among your consumers

Bring your brand identity to life though unique and beautiful lighting design

Luminance Systems Lighting Services


Lighting insights and customized design


If you are looking for a space to be designed, do ask our technical consultants on how to achieve the lighting needs to your needs. Whether its a living room, commercial space, restaurant or even point-of-sale setups, we have specific products that allow you to meet your requirements.


Help is on the way


If you need help making your lighting plan a reality, we got your back. We will connect you to some of the most reliable lighting installers in the Klang Valley.


Go beyond existing lighting solutions


Sometimes the given solution needs tweaking to make it absolutely perfect. If you ever need something truly customised, talk to us and we can design and deliver products that are not within the catalog’s specifications.