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How Dimming can enhance 

your Working Experience

Have a Great Experience when You Dim those Lights

We’ve always talked about having bright spaces and how it enhances work productivity, but dimming is also crucial in your workplace. Especially for those in the creative field, dim settings are especially conducive when it comes to creating.  

Increase Creativity

According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, darkness triggers a chain of interrelated processes, which is beneficial to creativity. Your creativity is usually unconstrained when you’re dreaming or is in a dreamlike state, this calls for a relaxed environment where darkness may play a larger part in.

Reduce Eye-Strain

When our eyes are exposed to harsh, direct lighting for long periods, we easily can develop health issues such as migraines and sleeping disorders. This is why dimmer switches should be installed as this can help provide that flexibility to employees as they work. By prioritising the employees health, you can expect a greater satisfaction as well as productivity.  

Create a Sense of Balance 

In this day and age, there is a social pressure for employees to hustle and work hard. This usually leads to working overtime and eventually can cause overwork fatigue. In order to assist that, creating a dimmed area in the office can encourage coworkers to take a break once in a while. Areas like these can also boost brainstorming sessions as it provides a safe space for employees to recuperate.  

Save on Costs

Ultimately, besides LED bulbs and luminaires, dimmer switches can also help in reducing costs as lesser light is used. This is especially optimal in the long run as you save on electricity costs as well as increase employee satisfaction and health. 

Customisable Galore!

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