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Safer and Reliable

Better lighting for better results

Reliable light for dependable processes

In industrial settings, safety is of huge priority. Many engineers and workers alike will agree that lighting plays a huge part in ensuring that the floor is safe and is productive. This section covers the range of the basics of how to create a safe and effective environment to how to save even more energy using the right lighting components. 

Reduce Costs

Lower energy consumption with cost-effective LED lighting and controls 

Plan outages and maintenance to reduce disruption and downtime

Lesser accidents and hazards means lesser expenses

Optimize Operations 

Increase employee productivity and optimize labor costs by enhancing working conditions 

Improve customer loyalty through improved manufacturing performance 

Future-proof the workfloor with easy re-zoning, without changing the lighting fixtures

Enhance Health and Safety 

Comply with national and international safety standards 

Create a safe work environment by ensuring a well-lit workfloor 

Promote employee well-being with high-quality LED lighting

Luminance Systems Lighting Services


Lighting insights and customized design


If you are looking for a space to be designed, do ask our technical consultants on how to achieve the lighting needs to your needs. Whether its a living room, commercial space, restaurant or even point-of-sale setups, we have specific products that allow you to meet your requirements.


Help is on the way


If you need help making your lighting plan a reality, we got your back. We will connect you to some of the most reliable lighting installers in the Klang Valley.


Go beyond existing lighting solutions


Sometimes the given solution needs tweaking to make it absolutely perfect. If you ever need something truly customised, talk to us and we can design and deliver products that are not within the catalog’s specifications.