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PHILIPS Xitanium

Philips Xitanium - Affordable and reliable LED drivers

Enabling Future-proof LED Technology

PHILIPS Xitanium LED drivers are reliable, robust and offer much needed flexibility through the operating window and its smart features. They are designed and manufactured for indoor and outdoor applications, available in various form factors with fixed light output, dimming and programmable versions. A unique characteristic of the PHILIPS Xitanium LED driver is that it actually allows one to carry out late stage programming and drivers configuration, which is very helpful in the production process.

General Characteristics for PHILIPS Xitanium LED Indoor Drivers

  • High Reliability : Use the experience and knowledge of industrial-based conventional Fluo & HID technologies to design and produce LED electronics for general lighting applications
  • High Energy Efficiency Up To 94%
  • Lifetime up to 50,000 hours
  • Operating Windows : Offer flexibility on light level or efficacy
  • Wide Portfolio : Various power / wattage drivers
  • Wide Applications : Offices, Industry, Airports, Cinemas, Theatres, Exhibition Halls, Retail Shops
PHILIPS Xitanium LED drivers for general lighting applications were first introduced in 2009 and are now being upgraded. The improved specifications will further strengthen the flexibility and reliability of these LED drivers. These improvements will include:
  • Philips SimpleSet® : New wireless programming technology, which allows luminaire manufacturers to quickly and easily program PHILIPS Xitanium LED drivers at any stage during the manufacturing process, without a connection to mains power, offering great flexibility.
  • LEDset : Addressing the new interface standard for LED modules and LED drivers.
  • Low Ripple Output Current (<4%) : To assure camera and scanner friendly performance.
  • Miniaturization : Linear LED drivers with 21 mm height and where possible drivers with reduced length enabling greater design freedom. Point LED drivers with a comparable housing to the PrimaVision mini drivers for CDM lamps.
  • Amplitude dimming (AM) : Flicker free and noise free dimming for Touch and DALI LED drivers.

Selected PHILIPS Xitanium have these features based on application requirements:

  • Thermal Derating : Driver will dim LED module back to the standard specified Tc point, if the LED luminaire / LED module becomes too hot, thereby offering a safety feature and protecting lifetime.
  • Hot Wiring : Protects LED module which allows wiring of module and driver while driver mains is live.
  • Improved Ripple Current : Reduced peak current ensures lifetime of LED module. Further reduction to 4% ensures camera and scanner friendly performance.
  • Central DC Operation : In case of mains interruption and when the central battery takes over the electrical supply, the LED driver will switch from AC to DC operation mode.
  • Amplitude (AM) Dimming : Flicker free and noise free dimming of Touch and DALI versions.
  • 12 V fan power supply.


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