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Engage and Inspire Shopper

with the Right Lights

One shop, many experiences

How aware are you that a storefront’s lighting affects your mood to enter and shop? Lighting in retail stores are important in not only retaining regular customers but also to attract new ones as foot traffic is an important factor for most stores. All the way from ambient lighting to the downlights you use for your window display, here are ways lighting can help improve your retail business.

Optimize Operations 

More illumination means lesser mistakes made, especially in the store room 

Reduce back and forth between customer and staff 

Reduce time taken to close sales 

Enhance Experience 

Allow customers to freely move about the store or guide them to specific areas of the store 

Provide clarity to the customer in terms of products and highlights 

Provide enough illumination for customers to try-on / get to know the product 

Build Brand Identity

Ensure brand identity is portrayed both offline and online 

Allow customers to experience the brand and its values 

Have shopping experience match the price point of your products 

Luminance Systems Lighting Services


Lighting insights and customized design

If you are looking for a space to be designed, do ask our technical consultants on how to achieve the lighting needs to your needs. Whether its a living room, commercial space, restaurant or even point-of-sale setups, we have specific products that allow you to meet your requirements.


Help is on the way

If you need help making your lighting plan a reality, we got your back. We will connect you to some of the most reliable lighting installers in the Klang Valley.


Go beyond existing lighting solutions

Sometimes the given solution needs tweaking to make it absolutely perfect. If you ever need something truly customised, talk to us and we can design and deliver products that are not within the catalog’s specifications.