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SMART Lighting Management Systems

1. DALI - Digital Addressable Lighting Interface

DALI protocol lighting management systems

DALI is a two-way communication system that brings digital technology to lighting. The system allows individual ballasts to “talk” to the user and allows the user to “talk” back via DALI controllers, computers equipped with appropriate software, or building management systems (BMS). DALI is a cost-effective, future proof solution for dimming control in commercial buildings.

2. TRIDONIC ready2mains™

Tridonic ready2mains™

Tridonic ready2mains™ is the professional way to dim via the mains. It allows for easy and cost-efficient refurbishment of existing luminaire installations with the latest dimmable LED technology. There’s no need for any rewiring within the ceilings as the existing mains wiring is used for communication. It is simple to install and provides the basis for cost-effective solutions.

3. TRIDONIC Tunable White

Conference Hall

Tridonic Tunable White simulates the natural course of daylight, noticeably improving well-being and concentration. It does this using light colours ranging from cool-white to warm-white, allowing a high degree of individuality through variable adjustment. With its coordinated and technically perfected system of modules, drivers and controls, Tridonic offers artificial daylight dynamics at the highest level.


Tridonic connecDIM

TRIDONIC connecDIM - Light management via the cloud. An easy-to-integrate light management system solution for industry and commerce. Install an intelligent lighting with a smart control system - TRIDONIC connecDIM for retail purposes including presence detectors, daylight sensors, manual controls or set programmed controls could reduce energy by up to 50% in general and also create dynamic lighting scenes that boost the experience.