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DALI Controllers of comfortDIM Product Series

With the usage of Tridonic’s comfortDim product series, it would be able to offer the user a comprehensive dimming and system control of luminaires within the connected network. It offers not just control but also feedback on the status of the luminaires. With such management, the applications would be endless for various residential, consumer and industrial applications.

The unique comfortDIM concept is the basis for extremely user-friendly lighting solutions with enormous flexibility for future expansion. It uses the DALI protocol (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface). This is a standardised protocol that ensures maximum investment protection and future-proofing. It also guarantees security of planning and high levels of flexibility even after set-up.

With the use of comfortDIM, luminaires are able to bring the consumer the following:

  • Digital dimming which offers stable dimming function from 100% to 1%
  • Distributed intelligence to control luminaires as a group or individual
  • Status feedback on luminaires status
  • Ease of installation whether it is a daisy chain or star topology


  1. Tridonic