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MASTER LED 7-50W 940 MR16 15D Dim

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Delivering a warm, halogen-like accent beam, Philips Master LED MR16 is an ideal retrofit solution for spot and general lighting applications for use in the hospitality industry. The range is especially perfect for public spaces such as reception areas, lobbies, corridors, stairwells and washrooms, where there's light turned on all the time. The Master LED MR16 is well designed and robust, offering a variety of beam angles to manage a clearly defined beam spread suitable across various applications. There is no UV or IR in the beam, making it suitable for illuminating heat-sensitive objects (food, organic materials, paintings, etc.). The patented intelligent driver enables broad compatibility with existing electromagnetic and electronic halogen transformers. The dimmable versions drive further efficiencies, while helping to create the desired atmosphere to suit your needs.

Product Specifications
Lamp Wattage : 7 W
Replace Wattage : 50 W
Color Temperature : 4000 K
Beam Angle : 15˚
Lumen : 440 lm
Lifetime : 40,000 hours
Color Rendering Index (CRI) : 90
Voltage : 12 V
Dimming : Yes

Further Information
Further engineering data is available upon request.