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Creating a Visual Attraction

of Product Displays

Creating a Direction

Creating a direction for consumers is amongst one of the most crucial points when it comes to retail interiors. A lot of the times, the strategy lies in the placement of your accent / highlight lights. 

Here are a few ways you bring your product display game to the next level.  

Visibility vs Appearance 

When deciding on your accent lighting, you have to decide its priority between visibility and appearance. Are you aiming to have people notice the details on your merchandises or is it plainly for aesthetic purposes. The kind of lighting you need to procure heavily depends on this choice.

Direction Lighting

Accent lighting means to create a direction with your lights. Usually this requires certain creativity and heavily depends on the type of space you have. However, creating directional lighting ensures that you’ll be able to lead the consumer to the product you wish to highlight.  

Choose Your Highlights

Often times, it is useless to highlight certain shelves or tables when there is nothing you’d wish to shout about. Not every product in the store needs to be highlighted, most likely only those on sale or are seasonal items. Specify certain parts of your space that can be used at “accent areas” and set up proper accent lighting there. 

Lead Your Customers 

Directional lighting plays a part here in which smaller retails stores will be able to use this technique to lead customers to encourage more impulse buys and shopping. 

The way to master this is usually to utilise soft lighting and sometimes backlighting. This method creates an area where it can arouse curiosity in consumers and lead them to wherever you wish without creating a distraction. 

Prices Matter 

Not all products in a store are affordable. Often times people shy away just from looking at an extravagant price tag. This is where accent lighting can help. When you put these products on display and make them look more attractive, you can create an urge within consumers to purchase even If it’s with a hefty price. 

Accent lighting can enhance your product displays or it can make them worse. Before going in blind, do consult a professional and have them choose the best lighting for you. If you’d like to take a look at our solutions, you can browse our SCHONE collection here. 

Customisable Galore!

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