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Experience the beauty of warm white LED lighting

Experience the beauty of

Warm White LED Light

Why You Should Use Warm White LED Lighting

As professionals, it is important that we understand the basics of colour and the effects it has on its surroundings, even the colour white. In the lighting industry, we have mainly two kinds of white lighting – warm white, and cool white. It’s not to say which is right and which is wrong, but today, we are going to see how warm white LED Lightings can help make the house feel more like home.

On the Scale

Warm lights are typically found in incandescent lamps and are reddish / yellowish whites. These bulbs emits light from thermal radiation, i.e. the colour of the filament. These yellow / reddish colours are usually more related to the sunrise and sunset whereas the moon is usually ‘cool’ as it is more blue.  

Special Evenings

When do we actually use warm colours? In the evening of course. 

A home is when you return from a tiring day out and is able to relax and feel safe within a space. Warm colours are more relatable in the evenings as it reminds us of a warm fire, whereas cool colours are used for more functional spaces such as at a work desk or in the mornings. 

If you’ve wanted to create the perfect ambience for your date night, then warm lights are also the way to go as they can mimic romantic candlelight dinners. When the surroundings emit a cozy atmosphere, you can also create that intimate moment between those in the family and friends. 


Colours can easily affect our perception to things and objects as well. With warm light, always consider the colours of your furniture and your decor as well. As too much warm light can feel too sleep-inducing, it may not be the best solution for a work desk. However, you can also opt for cool-toned furniture to balance out the warmth. 

Cool white lights coupled with white walls also gives off the perception of a cold room, designed more for work-focused areas. If you’d like to have a safe space for socialising or getting to know someone, warmly-lit spaces are ideal. 

The Ideal Spaces

Warm white lighting can be ideal for the bedroom, the living room, and any other areas you would like to relax in. Use it to stimulate evenings or very early morning. If you have to replace incandescents, a warm white LED bulb is also a go-to choice. 

Why LED?

Incandescent and fluorescent lights have always had a shorter lifespan than LED Bulbs. Besides it’s energy efficiency, LED Bulbs also has no toxic elements, making it safer for the health of those who live in the home. If you’d like to see our warm light LED options, you can browse our collections here: SCHÖNE, GROOVE 

Customisable Galore!

Certain specifications not up to your desire? Our products can be adjusted upon request. Let your creativity juices flow endlessly with us. 

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